How do I get started sharing on the Our Downtown website?

    To participate for the first time online, follow these 5 quick steps:

    1. Sign up for Our Downtown by clicking on the register button
    2. Choose a username and password
    3. Complete a couple of quick questions
    4. You will receive an email to validate your email address
    5. Return to the website and click the "Sign In" button

    Why do I need to register?

    Registration is not required to view Our Downtown Step 2.

    Your registration does three things:

    Use Our Tools:  Allows you to use the interactive engagement tools this planning process provides.  

    Receive Email Updates: Allows you to stay-in-the-know on project updates and events. 

    Performs Engagement Analysis: Allows us to measure who we are hearing from to make sure all groups can participate.

    Is my privacy protected?

    Yes! Your privacy is absolutely protected and we will only use your email to share updates and invite you to participate. Your email address will not be distributed to any third party or used for any other purpose.

    How can I use this website to participate in the Our Downtown Step 2 process?

    Register to receive email updates from the project team with upcoming virtual events, project progress, and more. There will be interactive tools posted that you can use Our Downtown update. This may include quick surveys, interactive maps, and more.

    This website allows you to comment and share ideas on your schedule, at your convenience.

    I have more questions. Who can I contact?

    For additional information, please contact:

    Kristine Bunnell, Senior Planner
    Municipality of Anchorage Planning Department
    P: 907-343-7993

    Holly Spoth-Torres, Public Involvement
    Huddle AK
    P: 907-223-0136